File only (10 minutes) £10

Simple polish change (15mins) £14

File and polish (20mins) £18

Classic pedicure (45mins) £34
Feet are soaked and exfoliated, filed and polished using the Jessica nail care machine and massaged with deep conditioning creams leaving them softer and smoother. Cuticles will be groomed and your nails shaped and polished with your choice of colour

Deluxe pedicure (60mins) £44
The classic pedicure with a hydrating and warming chocolate paraffin wax treatment.  Excellent for increasing circulation and relieving stiff, painful joints 

Japanese pedicure (45mins)£44
A unique ‘detox pedicure’ that restores weakened and damaged nails. Nails become firm, elastic and smooth and acquire a healthy pink shade and natural shine. For best results book a bundle of 5 

Minx Pedicure (60mins) £48
Feet and nails are groomed, cuticles tidied and finished off with a Minx design of your choice.

Gel Pedicure (50mins) £46
Feet are soaked and exfoliated.  Cuticles will be groomed and your nails shaped and your choice of Jessica GELeration or Bio Sculpture (60mins) will be expertly applied

Swarovski/Minx pedicure (75mins) £100
Minx or gel pedicure with the big toe covered in Swarovski crystals

Full Swarovski pedicure (75 mins) £130
Classic pedicure with crystals applied and set to all the toe nails for maximum bling