File Only (10 mins) £9

Simple polish change (15mins) £12

File and polish (20mins) £16

Classic manicure (40mins) £26 

Nail grooming, massage and cuticle care. Nails are shaped and treated with a Jessica prescriptive basecoat before finishing with your choice of polish

Deluxe manicure (55mins) £36 

Classic Manicure with your choice of Le Remedi anti-ageing facial for the hands or chocolate paraffin wax

Japanese Manicure (40mins) £32

A unique ‘detox manicure’ that restores weakened and damaged nails. Nails become firm, elastic and smooth and acquire a healthy pink shade and natural shine. For best results book a bundle of 5

Minx Manicure (60mins) £44 

Nail grooming, cuticle treatment, finished off with a Minx design of your choice 

Gel Manicure (50 mins) £44

Nail grooming, exfoliation, cuticle treatment, application of Jessica GELation or Biosculpture gel finished with a massage

IBD full set of extensions
Tips (from 90mins) £70
Sculptures (from 90mins) £80
Infills * (extended nails) (90mins) £50
with a french finish from £5
* We can infill acrylic using IBD hard gel but we do not offer acrylic services at Bombshell